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Book Keeping.

The foundation of managing your business is accurate bookkeeping. Our experienced real estate practice bookkeeping team ensures that you will have the data at your fingertips so you can effectively manage your business.

Our investor clients rely on our job cost accounting expertise to help them evaluate each property and minimize their tax liabilities.

In our quarterly consultation meetings we will help you understand the past, and better prepare for the future.

Our services include:

  • Monthly and Quarterly Profit and Loss Statements
  • Employee Benefit Program assistance
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Revenue and Expense Reports
  • Corporate, S Corp, C Corp, Partnership, LLC, and Sole Proprietor Services
  • Multi-State Tax Returns
  • Financial Statement Reviews
  • Inventory Records
  • Business Tangible Returns
  • Full Payroll Service, Including Quarterly Filings

“Measurement is the key to the sustainability and profitability of your business”

Christina Minton


Even if you only have a few team members, it makes sense to outsource your payroll. With the variety of state and local taxes, filing dates, benefit management, and pay period calculations, our clients find that they save money by letting us do the work.

Our comprehensive payroll management services include:

  • Processing paychecks
  • Year End Reporting
  • Workers Compensation Audit Support
  • Business Retirement Plan Creation/Management
  • Preparation of W-2 and 1099’s
  • Quarterly Tax Returns
  • Filing Federal, State, and Local tax deposits

“In 30+ years of working with employees I have found one universal truth: They all want to be successful. The key is alignment on definitions of success.”

Christina Minton

Tax Preparation

Taxes are complex! The rules change almost every year, and business owners are frequently the target of new taxes or reduced tax deductions. To minimize your tax liability you need the resources of Minton CPA’s and Associates. Our team of tax experts is available throughout the year to advise you on the latest updates to the tax code and how you can claim the maximum deductions allowable.

Because we are real estate experts, we understand the nuances of both your business and your property investing. Especially if you own or have flipped multiple properties during the year you need to take advantage of every tax savings opportunity.

That is where we come in. Our tax services include:

  • Federal, State, and Local Tax Preparation
  • Tax Filing, with Backup Copies
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Reporting
  • IRS Audit Support
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Online QuickBooks access

More than just tax preparers, we provide year-round consultation for your business. Refer to our real estate service packages for more information about this.

**A special note to new clients. Please provide your personal and business tax returns for the previous year. Of course there is not charge for an initial consultation.



“Want to minimize your tax liability? Don’t wait until December 26th to think about it!”

Christina Minton

Consulting Services.

Think of us as your Chief Financial Officer…

To effectively manage your growing business you need to surround yourself with professionals. At Minton CPA’s and Associates we are accounting and tax experts and advisors. We meet with our clients two or four times a year, based on your service package. These are invaluable conversations where we look at your current business and investments, but also where you want to grow to.

We offer not just accounting and tax consultation. Through the Minton Advisory Team we offer insurance professionals, financial advisors, and legal counsel for a truly holistic service for our clients.

“When it comes to business goals, far too much emphasis is placed on visualizing Oz and not enough on designing and constructing the yellow brick road.”

Christina Minton

Have Questions About the New Tax Laws?

Tina Minton is available to share with your business team or service organization. Her 30-minute presentation is ideal for sales meeting, lunch and learn, or other events. Please contact Brea at 757-546-2870 to schedule.

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